Kurt Lissmann's hit (400 000 copies sold!) "Aus der Traube in die Tonne" now in english available
6. November 2007

Now available the hit of german great choir composer in english (sold more than 400 000 copies in Germany!):


Kurt Lissmann: A tribute for Mr. Curven (original title: Aus der Traube in die Tonne)


Here you can see a video with english lyrics by Bryan Davies




In You Tube here the video




Here you can see the sheet music of this title as PDF





Produced by Frank Leuffen, singers: Nicole Fontana, Sandra Leuffen, Ira Gotta,

Mario Fontana, Peter Tonger, Frank Leuffen, recorded in Alte Schule Immendorf,

50997 Köln, Germany, Music Kurt Lissmann, Lyrics Bryan Davies, this piece is

available for men choir and mixed choir. This piece is the hit of Kurt

Lissmann (1902-1983), original title "Aus der Traube in die Tonne", more than

350 works of Kurt Lissmann are available, sheet music here: http://www.tonger.de/shop






Kurt Lissmann (1902-1983)


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